In the first Appointments you Drink more than you eat


“According to a recent eDarling study of more than 3000 Spanish singles, cafes and restaurants are the most chosen places for a first date. We interview Ivn Cerdeo, a chef at La Casa del Carmen and awarded a Michelin star in the 2014 guide, to learn more about the relationship between food and seduction.

seduction and food Do many couples come to your restaurant?

Yes, quite a lot, especially for dinner on weekends.

Is there a difference between what a group of friends or a family ask for in a letter to what a couple asks for?

Yes, there are slight differences. Friends usually prefer meat and couples for fish dishes.

Would you be able to distinguish the stage in which a couple is based on their culinary choices?

A beginning couple is asking for less food by the nerves of the first dates, lighter and fresher: salads, fish … that are easy to eat. And a couple that takes time to relationship or a marriage ask for more abundant food and they dare with blunt dishes and to share. In the first appointments you drink more than you eat.

What importance do you give to food in the process of seduction?

It is important, since all people are seduced by a person who attracts them to prepare a romantic dinner, what better way to start an appointment than a good dinner.

What recipe do you propose for a romantic dinner or for a first date?

  1. I propose a fun and light dinner:
  2. We will start with oysters with lemon and grapefruit.
  3. I fond of Manchego cheeses and fig compote.
  4. Hake with green curry and tamarind.
  5. For dessert a souffl of roses.
  6. All this accompanied by champagne.

Is there any topic related to the aphrodisiac effects of certain foods that is true? And some false?

It is true that there is much mysticism in this subject. I think it is more that we speak of it than the reality of the aphrodisiac effect of food.

There are some more exciting foods such as spicy, spiced, some shellfish.”


We Present the most Impressive Airstrips in the World


“Every year, Private Fly, a reference company in the rental of airplanes or planes, consults its users for the airstrips anywhere in the world that have most excited or impressed them.

Thousands of people vote for a Private Fly Scenic Airports survey, whose 2017 results have just been made public. More than 122 airports around the world have received at least one mention, including those selected and shortlisted by a panel of experts. And these are the ten who have obtained the most votes.

Saba Island, Caribbean

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is the only airport on the Caribbean island of Saba. It has the shortest commercially useful track in the world: 400 meters. It is a place of vertigo, surrounded by high hills and cliffs overlooking the sea. However, there have never been any serious accidents. Regional runway planes land on this runway. Saba is a small island of 13 km? with status of overseas territory or of special integral municipality of the Netherlands.

Donegal Airport, Ireland

Donegal Airport officially opened in 1986 with an asphalt track and temporary buildings. In the 1990s, permanent buildings were built and the runway extended, following funding from the Irish Government. It is located in the north-west county of Donegal, about 15 minutes drive from Dungloe and Gweedore, and 45 minutes from Letterkenny. There operates Aer Lingus Regional and some charter airlines.

Nice. Airport of the French Riviera, France

Nice Cte d’Azur airport is 6 km southwest of Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes department of France. It is the main point of arrival of passengers to the area of the French Riviera, and also gateway to the principality of Monaco. It allows quick, easy and discreet landings for private jet customers.

Airport of Gibraltar

It is an international airport, 500 meters from Gibraltar’s town center and a similar distance from the center of La Linea de la Concepcion (in the province of Cÿdiz). Gibraltar is the only airport in the world whose airstrip crosses a road (the N-351) at the same level. Pedestrians and cars stop at each side of the runway every time an airplane takes off or lands.

Queenstown Airport, New Zealand

Queenstown Airport was the first airport in the 2015 ranking and the third in the 2016 ranking. It is a mythical airstrip in these terms of undeniable beauty. In winter, the mountains shine through the snow, and in summer, by the sun. On clear days you even see the Mount Cook. It is adjacent to the resort town of Queenstown, and close to popular ski slopes. In 2015, there were 1.5 million passengers.

London City Airport

London City Airport is the closest airport to central London. As they approach, planes travel the Thames from the sky and offer a magnificent bird’s eye view of urban geography and some of the most symbolic monuments and buildings of the British capital, such as the financial centers of the City and Canary Wharf, the Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, or the Olympic Park.

Princess Juliana Airport

The St Maarten Airport -Princess Juliana International- is in the Dutch part of the island of St. Martin. Last October 28th at 11:03 am was the last time. Since then, the Boeing 747 will no longer land at the Princess Juliana San Martin airport. KLM decided to open a new direct route between Amsterdam and San Martin with Airbus A330-200 aircraft. The aerodrome, built on a narrow tongue of land and the Caribbean’s third by passenger traffic, attracts tourists because the aircraft pass very close, overhead, upon landing. This airport was the winner in 2013.

Melbourne International Airport. Florida, United States

The Melbourne International Airport is a public airport located in the city of Melbourne, a city in Brevard County, Florida, United States. Nearby, Port Canaveral, the Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach and the Orlando theme parks area. It receives about half a million people a year. The jury said: “”A beautiful landing next to the beach on the Florida coast.””

Barra Airport, United Kingdom

This is an opportunity to land on a sandy beach track, when allowed by the tide. It is the only one in the world where its operations are performed on the surface of a beach. Barra Airport is located in the wide bay of Traigh Mhor at the northern tip of the island of Barra, which is part of the Outer Hebrides (Scotland) in the United Kingdom.

Toronto City Center Airport. Glen

The runway at this regional airport offers a dramatic contrast between the airport island on Lake Ontario, with the backdrop of Toronto, Canada’s largest city with a population of 2.6 million (2011 data ). Its official name is Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. It is only accessible by ferry.”


Dakar Rally 2017 – Desert Lions


“After 14 stages and thousands of miles of sacrifice and adversity were left behind for the 227 vehicles that completed the ninth edition of the Dakar Rally in South American lands. ATVs, motorcycles, cars, trucks and ATVs covered in dust and sand covered Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina.

This year’s tour had a new host country, Paraguay, the 29th in the history of the Dakar. The visit to Bolivia took a new dimension, with 5 stages in total, many of which were suspended due to the torrential rain that made its realization dangerous, but the rain was not an impediment for the vehicles to travel through dreamlike landscapes like the Salar de Uyuni , Lake Titicaca, to reach the long awaited day of rest in La Paz, after six days of tough competition.

Finally, the brave men who tried to meet the goal of reaching the goal undertook their way in a diagonal drawn on the map of Argentina, towards Buenos Aires, final destination of the “”Odyssey””.

From its beginnings, the race represented the highest level of adventure available to pilots. In ancient times, the icons were symbolized by the Tree of Tener? (Niger), the Elephant Rock (in Mauritania) or the margins of Lago Rosa (Senegal).

Later, the Dakar crossed the Atlantic, and here the crossing encountered the altitude and the South American deserts, the pilots met the Paso San Francisco crossing the Andes, marveled at the dunes of Atacama (Chile), Nigil (Argentina) or the magic of the salt lake of Uyuni, located at 4,000 meters above sea level.

The era of the lion. The French brand, which returned in 2015 to the Dakar, aiming for a two-year adaptation and victory in the third, but a year ahead of schedule, Peugeotgot the victory in 2016, with the hand of Peterhansel, and this 2017 exceeded the expectation with a full podium. One of the makers of this hard-hitting triumph is the sports director, Bruno Famin, who assembled a team of stars to lead the four 4 x 2 prototypes: the experienced Stphane Peterhansel and Carlos Sainz, nine-time world rally champion Sbastien Loeb and the former five-time champion Cyril Despres.

And in 2017 the hegemony of Peugeot in cars was overwhelming the 3008 DKR were unbeatable over the 14 days, neither Toyota nor MINI could beat “”the desert lions. Of the four DKRs that left in Paraguay, only one did not arrive in Buenos Aires, that of Carlos Saiz, who suffered an accident and crashed his vehicle by accident, without consequences for him and his co-pilot.

But the relationship between Peugeot and the Dakar is not new: it has been around for 30 years. The lion has participated six times in this competition officially with models 205 and 405, with a spectacular balance, five absolute victories and 56 stage wins. In all, there have been more than 48,125 km of competitive action in northwestern Africa – in the triumphant period between 1987 and 1990.

As the brands look for new drivers to take their place in the iconic race, the Dakar continues to crown Peterhansel, who at age 51 won his 13th title (six on bikes and seven in cars). Its navigation, its speed and its reaction in all type of terrain make the pilot in a legend.

Dakar genes

For this edition the organization decided to return to the sources, and for this the navigation was crucial. Sports director Marc Coma warned that this year would be more difficult than previous editions, with fewer rally roads and more navigation. The majority of the competitors celebrated the decision; the competition was not so linear and the search for way points were reasons for delays.

On KTM motorcycles, a kingdom for its virtues and the mistakes of others, the Austrian brand extended its series of celebrations to 16 years uninterrupted. The Australian Toby Price champion in the 2016 edition, this year he fell off his bike and as a result suffered a quadruple fracture of his femur. Who took the post was the British Sam Sunderland to arrive first to Buenos Aires and thus to be crowned champion.

Honda arrived with a battalion of motorcycles and pilots to wrest the crown from KTM, but an illegal refueling resulted in a one-hour sanction for the drivers of the brand. In quadricycles, Sergey Karyakin became the first Russian in the history of the Dakar who was left with a victory in this category. Chilean Ignacio Casale and the Argentine Pablo Copetti prevailed.

In trucks, Nikolaev and his Kamaz won the victory. His teammate Sotnikov finished second, and Gerard De Rooy with Iveco, was third. The Argentine Federico Villagra with another Iveco arrived in the fourth place.
To highlight. This is the first South American version without fatal victims.

This time there was no controversy; the Dakar made its way without injuries or deaths among competitors, spectators and spectators. The “”Odyssey”” 2017 was the most difficult in these lands. But it was also the most entertaining for those who carry the dakarian gene in their blood. And as the saying goes ‘The Dakar is Dakar man’.”


Strategies to Improve Customer Service


“Having a strategy is imperative in organizations. Before defining it, the various departments must know exactly the operations of storage, inventory, distribution, transportation and point of sale. Only in this way can there be an improvement in customer service and greater competitiveness.

At this point in the twenty-first century, we rarely find in companies an alignment between the supply chain strategy and the business strategy. But more worrying is the fact that supply chain tactics are not defined, as is often the case in both multinational and local organizations.

Today, it is worth remembering the basic concept of strategy proposed by Michael E. Porter in his classic What is strategy? (1996, What is strategy, Harvard Business Review), which defined it as the generation of a position in the market resulting from the execution of its own activities in a differentiated way, to deliver products and services of unique value to customers. Its purpose is to generate a competitive advantage, defined as a condition difficult to imitate by competitors and sustainable over time.

In addition, Porter explained that operational effectiveness is not the same as strategy, being a common and wrong condition in which many organizations fall to seek the desired productivity and operational efficiency, which usually translate into a reduction of costs.

Once these two concepts are differentiated, we are in a better position to define the supply chain strategy. There are essential activities that are done in most organizations such as: storage, processing, delivery, sales, distribution and after-sales service. These functions can be explained on a case-by-case basis, whether they relate to a service or manufacturing company. However, when talking about the supply chain, the approach must extend beyond the borders of the company, as well as incorporate suppliers and customers.

One of the foundations of the supply chain is the integration of key activities such as those mentioned above, in addition to collaboration and exchanges between the various links in the chain.

However, some organizations continue to work internally under a function-based approach, in which activities such as demand planning and production, purchasing, inventory control, storage, distribution and customer service work in isolation. This generates a disconnection in the processes, not to mention what happens with suppliers and key customers.

The consequences of the disintegration of supply chain processes are typically reflected by excessive purchases of products for sale or materials for production, high transportation costs, ruptures of inventories, inadequate spaces for storage and insufficient storage such as the loss of the level of service to customers, among others.

On the other hand, excessive or erroneous purchases generate inventories of slow movement, which causes a financial burden for the organizations, in addition to a greater risk such as the total loss of stocks due to obsolescence.

All of the above creates conflicts between the different areas of the company such as marketing, sales, manufacturing and finance. It is known that there are tools and methodologies that aim to integrate all these areas such as sales and operations planning (S & OP) and more recently integrated business planning (IBP). But before implementing these programs, the strategy must be defined.

Strategy is the first

When designing and defining the supply chain strategy, the following questions should be asked:

a) What criteria, policies and procedures will I use to select, evaluate and achieve an efficient supply from suppliers?
b) Will I work with few or many suppliers?
c) What are the most appropriate sources of supply in terms of cycle times?
d) What will be the policy to follow to define the amounts of replenishment and maintenance of inventories?
e) How will I do the last mile logistics: own fleet, subcontracted or hybrid?
f) Where and what method will I use to define the location of distribution centers?
g) How will I integrate the information systems of the key suppliers and my organization?
h) What technological tools will I use to achieve greater productivity and efficiency in inventory management?
i) How will I do the reverse logistics?
j) Do I have a roadmap or plan in case of disruptions in the supply of suppliers,

processing and / or shipments to customers?

These are just a few questions that the interested party can ask before designing their strategy. However, Martin Cristopher, in his work “”Log­stica: Aspectos Estrat gicos”” (1992. Chapman & Hall), proposed the design of the logistics strategy in full terms, by visualizing the activities inside and outside the organization as a chain.

In addition, the author affirmed at that time that all that thought and its proposal would still be valid 20 years later, which is confirmed by current experience.

The lack of a supply chain strategy is a product of improvisation and accelerated growth of organizations, which generates many inefficiencies and deteriorates levels of customer service. This is reflected in the following scenarios:

  • High rates of return of customers for defects, damages and errors.
  • Deliveries late.
  • More expensive items.”


Infrastructure and Competitiveness


Refugio Muoz, Vice President of the National Chamber of Freight Transport (CANACAR), took figures from the Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum, which establishes that Mexico advanced 6 places (from 57 to 51) in competitiveness; nevertheless, “”he argued,”” the data does not work if we do not keep pace with infrastructure.

“”They tell us that we have invested billions in infrastructure (for example, the new Mexico City airport) but instead of advancing in infrastructure we have regressed in this index.”” This is, he explained, because the reforms we have achieved do not have their link with the infrastructure effort; if the criterion that predominates is of a political nature and not of profitability of the projects, the result is not positive, he lamented.

Given this scenario, he advised giving way to public policies to promote inter and multimodalism, and not concentrate on unimodalism; and shorten the lag in connectivity between the transverse and longitudinal axes, eliminating also the state, municipal and federal jurisdictions in regard to roads and tracks. “”That in the criteria on which infrastructure projects are authorized economic rationality prevails,”” he reinforced.

Connecting industry with big issues

The panel and conference program was also comprised of rail and multi modal transportation issues, NAFTA renegotiation, advances and opportunity areas of the transportation industry, and featured the keynote lecture Logistics and Productivity: Global Challenges and Opportunities for Mexico, by Luis Sol­s, a leading Mexican expert, Supply Chain and Logistics Consultant for major corporations around the world.

Held at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Riviera Maya, the XVII National Forum for the Transport of Merchandise gathered for 4 days (June 28 to July 1) the various players in the industry in an event made up of an expo with manufacturers and suppliers of services, a cycle of conferences on the most challenging topics for the sector, as well as networking and socializing spaces in a relaxed, sporty and fun atmosphere among colleagues.


Reflections on Security and Competitiveness


Faced with the challenges facing the freight transport sector, many actors involved in this dynamic came together to reflect and propose lines of action towards the competitiveness of the industry.

Reflections on security and competitiveness

1. The ANTP Merchandise Forum aims to strengthen Mexico’s productivity and competitiveness.
2. Related Note
3. It will include the Expo Logistic Summit ANTP Pavilion
4. Ask ANTP to work on security and technology issues
5. ANTP reinforces road safety on roads
6. ANTP presents advances of its Forum of Transport and Merchandise
7. The National Association of Private Transport (ANTP) carried out the 17th edition of its National Forum of Freight Transport, under the theme Logistics and productivity: global challenges, opportunities for Mexico.

Road safety and freight transport

Elim Luviano, Deputy Director General of Standards and Technical Specifications and Safety in the Transport of SCT, highlighted the draft standard for road safety, which – for example – will involve the placement of gps tools in double articulated vehicles to meet all the performance details of the driver and his unit. No more speeding, tired drivers, poor vehicles or excess weight will be accepted, he acknowledged, and acknowledged the ANTP’s effort to bring together the actors of freight transport to share reflections and learning.

Alex Theissen Long, President of ANTP , said that the Forum has always sought to strengthen Mexico’s productivity and competitiveness, and reiterated its openness to continue working together in the search for greater efficiencies in cargo transportation . At the same time, it emphasized its support always in a propositive way to the generation and the compliance of the norms of road safety and public. “”If we achieve a comprehensive vision of the issue, with the commitment of all actors, we will achieve what we all want: zero accidents,”” said the leader of the ANTP.

Urban distribution: reflections on public policies

The forum had a panel discussion on urban distribution policies, in which Mar­a de los Angeles Fromow, Professor of the UNAM and Consultant, pronounced for a national mobility law with uniformity of competence and actors, which also adds fiscal incentives that allow a greater impact of the mobility policy and not only to define schedules and restrictions of spaces for the distribution of goods in the cities.

Edgar Chah­n, Member of the Board of ANTP, built on the opinion of the academic recognizing that the overregulation in the states and municipalities has a negative impact on competitiveness and productivity of transport companies and consumer products.

Given this need to have regulations and public policies adequate to the reality of urban freight transport, Juan Pablo Antœn, Principal Investigator of the Institute of Engineering of the UNAM, urged industry executives to make an exercise of disclosure with the agencies about what urban distribution really is. “”We need to create a culture of urban freight distribution and logistics processes in government institutions,”” so that they know well what is involved and what this segment requires for its development and efficiency.

Likewise, he advised to carry out a territorial logistical planning (zoning) of the great metropolis of Mexico to put the distribution centers within the urban logistics microplataformas; define urban corridors and their relationship with these logistical areas; assign and manage loading and unloading areas on public roads; and promote the use of state-of-the-art vehicles such as hybrids, electric cars, and so on.


Anitta Responds to Council Woman who called her “Farm slut” on Facebook


Anitta has no potatoes on her tongue! After she gave a very direct response to Andr‚ Marques on a show , Anitta countered criticism from Rio de Janeiro city councilor Otoni de Paula after he made a Facebook post comparing the singer to a program girl. But people!

“Anita drag children crowds at their shows, is idolized by teenagers today, but Anitta has no professional responsibility with this meninada she won. I’m not talking about morals, but of responsibility to the image. It is unfortunate to see a talented SINGER as Anitta would do it , “”he said, calling her the”” farm slut . ”

In response, the singer Paradinha shot: “” If you hired me to a program and took a cake or see a listing of my program somewhere and noo . Managed to sign me, I’m to inform you that was not my fault It’s because I am a singer, businesswoman, songwriter, choreographer and other business (who are not from the porn industry) but there are so many that I would have to spend a few hours here writing. I give employment to approximately 50 families DIRECTLY.

“I take advantage of the notoriety that your post has taken to answer your question ‘What are our children being subjected to?’ A sad lack of opportunity and education for those who have no money An automatic approval that discourages teachers from forming educated people in this country Our children are subjected to having to grind and work 24 hours a day to TRY to have some kind of education and opportunity in life that Will not the be the crime or informal work such as prostitution for example. This well the reality of the person I was years ago when barely had money to pay for a bus to get out of my neighborhood , “she continued.

” What I try to do with the door that opened to me (that was the entertainment) is to show others who were born in the same situation as me that there is a way out. Ok, you will have to battle 50 times more than a person who has resources, and opportunities, and yet you will come up against prejudiced and uninformed posts like yours? Yes. But with strength, focus, and determination you can get there.A child has no idea what a girl on the beach is doing which instead of focusing on the real problem and the root of the matter are busy attacking situations that bother the interior itself , “”he concluded. Sambou!


Jay-Z joins fans and sings Congratulations to Beyonce on show


Jay-Z joined the fans to show their love for Beyonce.

On Sunday night, 3, Jay-Z , who talked about a fight with Solange Knowles , told the audience of his show at the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia that Bey would complete another year of life and then sang a congratulations to star. Cute!

During the Budweiser festival , the rapper said that his wife’s 36th birthday would be on Monday, 4, and he started clapping and singing congratulations to her, who was present at the show. An E! News revealed that Jay-Z shouted the name of Bey, who was also with Blue Ivy , from the stage.

“” Happy birthday, my love, “” said the rapper. The vehicle informant also said that Beyonc‚ and the couple’s eldest daughter danced a lot during the Jay-Z show. Watch the “” Happy Birthday “” moment below:

Beyonc‚ and Jay-Z are seen in a mood of romance in Japanese dining

Beyonc‚ and Jay-Z are taking time out for their love. According to E! News , Beyonce , who introduced the twins to the world , and Jay-Z were spotted smiling at a Japanese restaurant last night in Hollywood on Wednesday night. Cute!

A source told the vehicle that the two arrived at Sushi Park around 9:00 p.m. and stayed for about an hour. Bey wore a blue summer dress and Jay, a jacket with a cap. They sat at the back of the restaurant and seemed “” very friendly “” with the staff and the people who were dining.

“They seemed to be very happy and were full of smiles. They were both in a good mood, “” said the informant. Another source revealed that the couple have trusted people at home and so they leave their children in the residence. “Beyonce‚ was not eating sushi during pregnancy and they both love Japanese food ,”” he added.




For your business to survive in the market you need to innovate.

How many times have problems occurred that we can not find a solution to? Or worse yet, we identify the drawback but we do not know how to react in a different way. Raœl Card›s, founder of the Mexican Academy of Creativity, said that in these cases only need to make disruptive innovation.

Startups apply this type of innovation well, having a new look to find niches that are not taken care of, as well as using technology that breaks the way things are normally done. But how to sow disruptive thinking? Here are few steps to succeed as an entrepreneur.

1. Make mistakes

When you find different ways of doing things, you will surely have to go wrong; but do not worry, it will be a learning process. A truly innovative idea is one that when you present fear.

2. Challenges the status quo

Criticizing the status quo and incorporating people with new ideas helps to foster a work culture. It is always good to ask questions about the situation of the company: where there are failures ?, what needs in the market are not covered?, what things have stopped working in your business ?. These people do not succeed in the workplace

3. Be clear about your purpose

Fernando Lazalde, leader of corporate innovation of the innovation agency, suggests having the purpose defined because it will remain fixed. Every time you make a mistake, you will return to him.

4. Question the way things are done

Although by questioning certain ways of doing things you become like annoying, worse would assume that they are because they have always been done that way. Get out of the area where you are so that you have a bigger picture and establish new contacts with your users, other professionals, etc.

LEE: What did successful entrepreneurs do to turn their business into a great company?

5. Keep your balance

a) Innovation from the core business. You have to check if you have already fully exploited the core of your business.

b) Transformative innovation. You must ask yourself: where do I want to go ?, What are the macro trends that I should follow?


What you did not know about Walt Elias Disney


Cartoonist, producer, and cartoon director born in Chicago, United States, on December 5, 1901. He attends elementary school and at the same time earns some money as a newspaper dealer. He left school at age 16; then studied for short periods at art schools in his hometown and in Kansas City, Missouri.

A fan of the theater, he is characterized as Charlot and imitates perfectly in his gestures. He sells sweets on trains that run the route between Chicago and Arkansas, and feels inclined to draw, publishing some of them in newspapers.

In 1917 he served as a backpacker in World War I and when he returned to the United States he was employed in an advertising agency where he began to make cartoons. Little by little they appear their characters, the mouse Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, the Donald duck, etc.

In 1923 he began producing cartoons in Hollywood, associated with his brother Roy O. Disney. From 1926 to 1928 he made a series of drawings, Oswaldo the Rabbit, for Universal Pictures.

After several years of struggle and ups and downs, in 1928 he managed to make his first sound film with Mickey Mouse, which first appeared in “Willie the Steamer”, the first performance that synchronized animation with music and which was presented on November 18 of 1928.

In 1932 he got his first “Oscar” with the film Trees and Flowers and in 1937 he began his famous series of films with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs followed by Pinocchio, Dumbo, Fantasia, Los 3 caballeros, Twenty Thousand Leagues Underwater, The living desert etc … getting 700 awards worldwide, 29 “oscars” and 4 “Emys”. Disney was in possession of the Medal of Freedom of the United States and of the French Legion of Honor.

Then they followed a series of cartoons like Bambi, Pinocchio, Fantas’a and Dumbo, that managed to mark several generations.

In the 1950s and 1960s Walt Disney Productions became one of the biggest filmmakers, while Disney was trying to keep as much artistic control as possible. The company tackled the publication of children’s literature and comics, most of them featuring characters Donald Duck and Dog Pluto.

In 1955, Walt Disney opened Disneyland, the first theme park of the Disney factory based on the world of his films. Over the years, theme parks have been created in Florida, Paris and Japan.

Its reconstructions of historical character and its spectacular attractions turned it into a tourist focus of the first order. Then, in the same line, it opened its doors DisneyWorld, near Orlando, Florida, in 1971, and more recently, Eurodisney, near Paris.

Meanwhile, the company approached the production of documentaries such as The Living Desert (1953), or The Secrets of Life (1956), and also at the beginning of the fifty adventure films with real actors such as Treasure Island (1950), Robin Hood (1951), The Strange Case of Wilby (1959), A Sage in the Clouds (1961), and Mary Poppins (1964).

The most notable cartoon films of this period were Peter Pan (1953), Merlin the Lovely (1963) and more recently Aladdin (1992), The Lion King (1994), Pocahontas (1995) Toy Story (1995), The Hunchback (1998), Bichos (1998), Tarzan (1999) and Dinosaurs (2000). They have also produced for television the series “Davy Crockett”, “The Mickey Club” and “The Wonderful World of Walt Disney”.

Disney, is recognized as one of the most important figures in the world of American entertainment. Disney is the most awarded character by the film academy. He personally received 26 awards, 12 of which were for animation work. In total, received 64 nominations.